You guys,most probably are craving  for pizzas that is not too salty for your taste,this Molinaro’s Organic Pizza Starter kit is the answer.The instruction is in the kit,simple & easy to follow.You just need simple ingredients from your fridge like slices of different colored peppers,some drained pineapple chunks,some sliced mushrooms,some red onion rings,any kind of shredded cheese like the Mexican Style Blend,also from Costco,small 8 oz bag of shredded Mozzarela cheese,olive oil,a cookie brush,aluminum foil & an oven.


Open the organic pizza starter kit,take an aluminum foil to make an improvised Pizza pan,you can multitastask the oven by making 2 aluminum pans as you can see on the right uppermost picture here.After making that w/ the pizza on it,brush the pizza with a very thin layer of olive oil,then pour 1 packet each of the sauce on each pizza,distributing them,covering even the edges with that same brush.Sprinkle the Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese jut to cover the pizza,then scatter the onion rings,sliced colored peppers,throw in some sliced mushrooms,scatter few pineapple chunks,lastly cover with shredded Mozzarela cheese.Bake @ 450 degrees in the middle rack & cook 8-10 minutes,pizza is cooked when the crust turned brown & the cheese melted.Increase cooking time for a crispier pizza,let it sit for 2-3 minutes before slicing.So good,so organic & not salty plus no kneading of the pizza dough.Viva Italiano!!!

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    Lovely post!


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