Grilled Pompano


Hey all! I’m off from work, so let’s start cooking! You’re going to love grilling before the end of summer (the weather is amazing), so take a look at some of the pictures below; this is what you’ll need, along with a charcoal grill.



3 Pompano fish (washed, cleaned and rubbed with half a lemon inside and out, drained in a colander, paper towel dried)

Fresh Banana leaves (sold in most Asian supermarkets)

1 lemon, half for rubbing the fish & 3 thin slices (seeds removed)

3 thin slices of ginger

Fresh herbs, such as 3 oregano sprigs, some scallions or leeks, lemon grass leaves or any edible plant stems to use in tying the end of the banana wrapped fish


With your already washed hands, rub each fish with salt and pepper inside and out. Put some scallions, lemon and ginger slices, an oregano sprig and basil inside each fish cavity. Lay the banana leaf on the table and wrap each fish and tie both ends just like as in the picture below.


Start burning the charcoal in the grill outside after brushing the grill with some oil. Lay the wrapped fish gently. Cook for 20-30 minutes, flipping only once, being careful not to destroy and burn the banana leaves by arranging the charcoal inside the grill. This was my last attempt to barbecue outside in this early week of autumn, minus the scorching summer heat. Hurray!



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