Ramblings of a Newcomer


There’s still a long way to go, taking baby steps and learning each day. I want to thank everyone who has visited and liked my humble blog.

I started to follow Constance@LiveEatCreate I love her topic of traveling is good for your health,very true. Cooking without limits – her topic about DSLRs was really enlightening for me. I love the gorgeous, vivid pictures. I love the gorgeous food presentations and positive vibes of Cooking with a Wallflower, the beautiful Nandini; I forgot to like or reply to her blog, I didn’t know how to do that at first. But her blog has prompted me to include pictures of the ingredients.

Cookingwithoutlimits again, I just liked her thank you post, it’s so humbling, and I’m amazed with Ishita’s travels. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) is hilariously truthful about the grammar police: we’re humans, we aren’t perfect! Only God is perfect! Eatliveescape, the pictures are vividly amazing! The name for the blog is brilliant: eat for food, escape for travels. Tutistales’ beauty tips and all are short but very helpful. tastableinsatiable is really good, a pro. Storytelling cook is open about her canning attempt. Oh and there’s another blog about quotes; I love those quotes of Confucius, Socrates, that’s Stargazer, Rumi’s Moment of Happiness Poem, I like from Stargazer. And lastly Benjamine’s Bad Habits to Break is very educational and good. Well that’s the recap of my 4 days of this very exciting adventure of my lifetime. It’s time consuming, yes, very much so, but it energizes me, since I am working this Labor Day for another 12 grueling hours, I left you guys 3 recipes and we grilled the pompano yesterday, so healthy and delicious, grilling them without oil, we found out that it is a very oily fish. Just wait till I post about steaming Pompano soon. I will be working tonight but I’m excited for my next recipe to post for Thanksgiving soon.

I’m really just overwhelmed by all of you talented people. Ahh…..life is good!

Thank you so much for helping me and energizing me!


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