What’s Cooking…?!

Even with the date of my friends’ Europe pilgrimage coming up, the pain of not being able to join them is not as great anymore. At work, everybody’s going nuts because the hospital is busy anticipating the arrival of JCAHCO next week. Surprisingly, I’m calm because I’m really excited to be with you guys in this world of food blogging.

I braided about 90 yarn bracelets that my friends promised to rub on most of the holy places they’ll hit on the pilgrimage. I want to give these bracelets to friends, but most especially sick people. Oh boy surely they’ll sure miss me there, as they won’t have a patient and willing photographer haha. Instead of buying a camera for the trip that won’t happen, I decided to purchase a keyboard for my iPad. It makes such a difference, and it has such a soft and responsive touch. I’ve also got invitations from Las Vegas, and my stepmom would like to visit us next month. Yikes, my schedule is feeling a bit hectic.


First and foremost, I’d like to thank followers, visitors, and viewers, for coming to and following this blog. Thank you to erroneousmonkblog and Tutistales for liking the Impromptu Organic Pizza entry.

Constance@LiveEatCreate, thehomemakerslife, Blogtastic Food, Bunny Eats Design, thestaticfoodbin, and Kathleen, thanks for liking the Sautéed Vermicelli and Pancit Canton and Avocado Toast With Pumpkin Seeds entries.

Thanks to Icecream magazine, my passengerdiaries, and The Vibe 101 for liking the Kale / Potatoes Gruyere Cakes entry. Bunny Eats Design for liking the Veggie Cream Cheese Spread.

Another thank you to dear Constance@LiveEatCreate, into fan, gor det det, Bunny Eats Design , the staticfoodbin, and Shubhamsingh 92. I just love your take on love, breakups, and life, most especially the quote you found in an article that reads, “Love makes the world go round. But money buys the tickets. Maybe love lasts for the lifetime. But money lasts longer, it pays for the funeral.”

Constance@LiveEatCreate for following and liking my posts about Stir-Fried  Chinese Bok Choy, Frogmore Stew, and the Bacon Wrapped Peppers. Eatliveescape for liking Baked Penne, Corn, Zucchini and Basil, and thank you to CookingWithoutLimits for liking the Cocktail Punch post.

Thanks to Annalyn, niece Abhie for suggestions, friends, classmates, and co-workers for dropping by my blog; my youngest son, enhancing a picture of the Sautéed Vermicelli / Pancit Canton then posting it on his Instagram, promoting my blog; my eldest son and husband waiting for cues if my food creation / production is totally finished before they eat the foods. Ahhh…life is good, precious, and satisfying… I’m going to be doing 2 twelve-hour shifts this weekend, wish me luck guys! I can’t wait to get back to the keyboard and post more entries on some yummy food.



(Enjoy this enhanced picture of Sautéed Vermicelli/ Pancit Canton! The son’s picture is better than his mother’s original one huh? You be the judge!) Peaches. Sarap!

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  1. When you open my blog ,you can click ABOUT and you can also read why I started it, Thanks so much again.


  2. Thanks so much,Jackie! You can always drop by my blog to see easiest food recipes your family can enjoy.God bless.


  3. Jackie Espinal says:

    Wow looks so good !! Love your blog Agapita!!


  4. Jackie Espinal says:

    Wow looks so good !! Love your blog Agapita!!


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