Cathedral Window Jello Dessert


Nobody really knows where this dessert originally came from but Goldilocks, a popular bake shop in the Philippines, popularized it. Got this recipe from my roommate in Saudi Arabia and early times here in America, another roommate of mine revised the mixture. It gets its name from how it resembles the window of a cathedral. So let’s go to church…

Here’s a picture of some stuff you’ll need




Already got the idea right? So let’s begin preparation, timing and patience are key here.


5 flavored jellos (must have these colors)

1 pint heavy cream

1  can Magnolia condensed milk

2 envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatine

A whisker and a small soup pot

1 cup water chilling already in the refrigerator


Day 1. Prepare each colored jello by mixing 1 cup water with 1 flavored jello, stirring well with the whisker and simmering on low heat as they burn fast due to its sugar content. Set and mold in a plastic container, cool it down, cover and place in the refrigerator. Continue until you have all 5 colored jellos setting inside the refrigerator.

Day 2. Mix the condensed milk and heavy cream well with a whisker. Cover and place in refrigerator. Run the knife around the edges of each plastic container with the colored jellos, cover then turn over to ease the jello off the plastic and cut into cubes. Layer the different colored jellos in the Tupperware molder, scrape some left-over jellos from the plastic, place into cute clear glasses. Now mix 1 cup water and 2 envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatin , boil in the pot, whisking until it simmers in low fire then mix it into the milk/heavy cream mixture, add the 1 cup chilled water, mix them very well with the whisker. Now pour this mixture slowly into the molder and clear glasses, stir gently to distribute the colorful cubed jellos, cover, and refrigerate.

Day 3. Check if all the jellos harden, run the knife all around the edges of the plastic molder before turning it upside down on a huge plate. Garnish with whatever fresh fruits you want. If you don’t have this plastic molder, you can use this triffle glass bowl shown in the  very first picture. With just those ingredients, I made 2 big jellos and put some into cute little glasses. By the way the covered pudding glasses including the cute small teaspoons are from Paris Baguette.

See the last picture using the plastic molder: 3 days of preparing and waiting, but that time went by so fast!


Would you like some slices by the garden?…….Peaches,Sarap!!


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  1. Hanako says:

    Now I know how to make this


    1. Now that u have the time of your life,you won’t say say that it’s better to drive than making this, have you seen the whole page about this? thanks for commenting,Hanako.


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