This is the famous breakfast fare called “Tapsilog”: “tapa”for cured beef, “sinangag” for fried rice, “itlog” for eggs, the overall catchphrase is “Tapsilog.” Tapsilog is the term used when tapa, garlic-fried rice, and fried egg  are combined into one meal which is served primarily during breakfast. The word tapa is related to the Sanskrit term “tapas,” meaning “heat.” The procedure and ingredients are relatively easy. Let me introduce you to some Tapsilog…



Beef Tapas or Cured Beef or Pork (you can check out my previous posts on them)

Refrigerated left-over brown or white rice and 2 tsp. minced fresh garlic

2 eggs

Steamed broccoli

Santa Barbara Salsa Mango with Peach on the side (optional)

A dash of turmeric


1. Prepare 2 eggs sunny side up, oil the pan and when hot, break one egg and sprinkle salt and pepper, but don’t flip the egg. Instead, let it set with low fire  while pouring hot oil from the  pan into the egg to hasten its cooking, do the second egg according to your preference. Gather the cooked eggs with a flat non-stick flat spatula and place on the serving plate.

2. In the same pan, sautée the garlic and stir fry the rice. Throw in some turmeric to give the rice a nice, decorative yellowish tinge, sprinkle salt and pepper if you prepare your tapas less salty.

3. Arrange the breakfast tray the way it’s shown in the picture……Peaches, Masarap!

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