Food Blogging?… The dizzying ride of a lifetime!


Hey all! How’s everybody doing? just letting you know that I am a frustrated writer and dreamt of becoming a chef like Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Williams-Sonoma, Julia Child and Ina Garten and Gordon Ramsay to  mention a few. I am so amazed at how chefs create recipes that became a legendary signature of their culinary expertise. I take care of people for a living in a huge city hospital and their Isn’t  time on my plate to attend culinary school but a lot of people told me teasingly that I am not a Registered Nurse but a party planner, a cook, a chef or a foodie. Food Blogging is kind of a release of my pent- up passion for this craft inside my bones.

I want to thank you all for liking, viewing the fruits of my labor. I am thanking all of you for taking your precious time to peek, view, read and share and follow my blog. Thank you’s to: my dear Constance@LiveEatCreate, charisma, the pretty Nandini Goan Imports, Stargazer, Andrea Giang Cooking with a Wallflower, thestaticfoodbin, Donna Chlimon, Siddharta, all of you, Trina and Tina, icecreammagazine, francis  and ana, belikewater production, eatliveescape, storytelling cook, the charming Hanako, Ana Banana, Shiaoping the royalty, alac, Jackay Jackay, thehomemakerslife, Imperium Woodcraft, robert okaji, Aniket Sharma, CookingWithoutLimits, Summer Jade Blog, Odedi’s Wine Reviews, Mukluk Manka, Adelina, Alk3r, beautybeyondbones, Where the foodies go, lifelessonswithlucy, mypassengerdiaries, Icecream magazine, The Vibe 101, Bunny Eats Design, Blair ( the Shameful Sheep ), Tamy Twinkle, Dana@I’veGotCake, Ivan Jose, inter fan for det det, Kathleen, tutistales, Arche777blog, lilianlozada, aho, Amma B. , Natasha’s Space, tastableinsatiable, Benjamine, True North Nomad, Shubhamsingh 92, homemade mess, Stacey, Anonymous Editor, darlydarly ( the fashionable young diva), Ishita, inside Kel’s kitchen, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Rachel, bsikles, erroneousmonk, Annalyn, the globetrotting UK fashionista, Mio’s Hot Food, mukul chand, ellisnelson, Hazel C.M. Galdo, Chef Gustavo Pasquini, The Little Mermaid, Julie Rybitskiy (hot Mama), The Meditarranean Microwave, all of my Facebook friends, Alain Jay Neri (the Great), all of my friends, co-workers, family, friends, acquaintances, Matt ( the charming chief of surgery), Clien ( my tech support), my youngest son, my husband and eldest son for their support, and Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter. I am humbled…..thank you so much for making Food Blogging, the dizzying ride of my lifetime.

Peaches, Masarap!!! ( Delicious )


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