Chipotle Adobo Baby Back Ribs


The recipe is the same as with Filipino Adobo Baby Back Ribs, but I just added a piece of finely chopped Chipotle Pepper in Adobo Sauce – it imparts a little hot and spicy flavor. Try adding different flavorings to the sauce that you add to the meat that you will bake; I baked these ribs for only 1 hour then on stove top for 10-12 minutes until they slightly caramelized. The secret is in the whole lime that you squeeze onto the already braised, oven baked and stove top cooked baby back ribs. Make sure to throw in lots of green onions or scallions. The complete recipe is in the Filipino Adobo Baby Back Ribs ‘ old posting. I used 2 trays of already  Pork Spareribs Sliced  Family Pack which each tray weighs 2.5 lbs .

Super Sarap!


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