Rainbow Sandwiches


Aren’t you guys fascinated with all these colors? I bet you’ll be surprised with the veggies I used to make these colors, credit to Desi Fiesta, she’s a genius! Let’s make some rainbow sandwiches, unsuspecting kids who hate veggies will definitely eat these!



1 package white bread slices

6 tbsp. carrot, finely grated from half of a huge carrot

6 tbsp. beets (cut in quarters, boiled and puréed)

6 tbsp. spinach (blanched and puréed 1 bundle)

12 tbsp. cream cheese

3 tbsp. butter

Salt and pepper to taste



1. In 3 different bowls, add grated carrots, beets purée, and spinach purée respectively.

2. Add 3-4 tablespoon cream cheese, salt and pepper and 1 tbsp.butter in each bowl.

3. Mix them  well with separate spoons.

4. Spread spinach in 1 slice of bread, spread beets  on the 2nd slice of bread and carrots on the 3rd bread. It will look like the picture below.


5. Make sure you arrange the slices spread side up. Attach the beet bread into the spinach bread, making sure you align them properly, then the carrot bread.

6. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes so that we have clean crusts and the spread will not be sloppy.

7. Now take the cling wrap and trim the bread crusts. You may slice the bread into triangles or rectangles. It took me a while to finish, but it is well worth it.


Enjoy  this rainbow of taste!

Peaches, so Sarap!!!

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  1. Hsiaoping says:

    What a nice looking sandwiches. I’m not really a fan of beets and carrots. However , this looks so deciduous that I’m willing to try. Thanx for sharing.


    1. Thanks,Shiaoping,this is kind of tedious to make but the rainbow colors are really amazing so I finished it and you will too..


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