Chicken Meatball Skewers with Cucumber, Dill, and Nordic spices


IKEA here we go again! Ever since my time in Saudi Arabia, I had this fascination with everything Swedish. That year, in 1985, the Swedish nurses were leaving Saudi Arabia because of the decreased pay for all contract workers. There wasn’t any outsourcing at the time yet so all their products were shipped all the way from Sweden, unlike today where almost everything is made in China.

So what does Nordic mean? I bet you’re as curious as I am. It refers to the characterstics of a Germanic people of Northern European origin, exemplified by the Scandinavians. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Nordic means “belonging to or relating to Scandinavian, Finland or Iceland.” If they say that you are a classic Nordic type, it means that you’re tall with blond hair and blue eyes. Whew! Nothing like learning everyday…but uh-oh. All this talk about Nordic classic has got me going, and now I want to move on to French cooking! But let’s just start with this recipe that uses Nordic spices.




15 pieces Kycklingkottbullar chicken meatballs from IKEA of course

15 wooden Popsicle sticks or skewers

2-4 tbsp. oil for frying

2 medium size cucumbers, peeled

2 tbsp. sea salt

10 oz. sour cream

5 oz. parsley, thyme and ramsons (wild relative of chives, native to Europe),the combination of these 3 kinds of herbs is what the Swedish call Nordic spices.

Black pepper and extra virgin oil to taste



1. Cut the cucumber into 15 small cubes, just a bit smaller than the chicken meatballs. Place in a medium size bowl, add the sea salt and combine.

2. Heat a bit of oil on a frying pan over medium-high heat until slightly smokey. Fry the meatballs until golden brown, adding more oil if needed. Set aside and let them cool a little.

3. Add the lemon juice and dill (saving 1 tbsp. for garnish) to the cubed cucumber. Mix to combine and set aside for 5-10 minutes.

4. Thread one cucumber cube onto each skewer then one meatball. Dip a bit in sour cream and then dip lightly onto the herbs. Place the skewers on a tray and sprinkle with dill and black pepper.

5.  Top the remaining sour cream with the rest of the seasoning mix. Drizzle with extra virgin oil and serve immediately.


Another appetizer reproduced by Peaches, Nordic Sarap!!!

Listen, I’m going to IKEA’s food court for their thanksgiving showcase this year. Are you coming?

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