Open Faced Corned Beef Omelette


You can say that this is one of those foods done in a hurry, an impromptu creation for a hungry tummy; I just woke up from 12 hours of duty and had leftover sautéed corned Beef the night before, so I whipped up this special kind of omelette. The steps are quick and preparation is a breeze!

Sauteed Corned Beef and Potatoes: Sautée 3 pcs of minced garlic, a few slices of onion, a few slices of 1 big tomato, add 1 tsp. of crushed red pepper flakes, throw in some mushrooms, thin slices of a quarter of a whole cabbage, and pre-boiled 3 pieces of cubed potatoes (drained), once it gives an over-all reddish tinged color, then add 2 cans of 12 oz Libby’s Corned beef, mix gently but well, add a dash of black ground pepper, but don’t add any salt since the corned beef is already salty. After 5-10 minutes, they are ready to be eaten with crusty garlic bread or brown rice, and I have the next recipe for an open faced omelette from whatever’s left of the Sauteed Corned beef.


Open-Faced Corned Beef Omelette


3 eggs


Mexican Style Blend Cheddar, Queso quesadilla, and Asadero Cheese Blend or any shredded cheese

1 tsp. of Avocado or olive oil

Left-over Sauteed Corned Beef and Potatoes



1. In a hot Caphalon Stove/Oven Fry Pan, add a teaspoon of oil and swirl the oil all over the inside of the pan. When the pan is hot, throw in slices of green onions or scallions, distribute well in the pan, then add stirred 3 eggs mixed with salt and pepper.  Tip the pan to evenly distribute the eggs leaving the sides with green scallions showing all around the sides of the pan, then gently distribute the cold left over corned beef. Make sure the scallions and the eggs are showing all around the sides (don’t scatter the corned beef, you have to leave a margin of scallions and eggs showing all around it).

2. Turn off the stove and sprinkle shredded cheese on top and place the pan with your special dish inside a pre-heated 350 degrees F oven and bake for 12 minutes, just enough to heat the corned beef on top. Throw those miniature yellow tomatoes from the garden where I displayed them featuring my Overnight Oats and Chia Breakfast Fare!.. (I plucked these beauties before hungry birds eat them from my tiny garden)

3. Turn off the oven and serve this immediately from its hot frying pan, making sure that you use a spatula so that you don’t scratch this versatile pan.

Here’s the still very hot omelette prepared in a jiffy that looks and tastes as if you labored all day in the kitchen. No one will know our little secret…Peaches, Sarap!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This looks really delish Peachie. Will try cooking it this weekend for brekkie. Loving your blog😍


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