Shrimp on Cucumber with Layers of Boursin cheese on Baguette


I was in the mood to innovate an appetizer since the holiday is coming. So, I created something with whatever I found in my fridge. I’m also really fascinated with these environmentally friendly bamboo skewers! Yipeee!! Borrowed the fresh dill from the IKEA recipe I am going to make but let’s not get sidetracked here. Let’s get to my toothpick creation! You really need a toothpick to hold each piece together. Don’t forget to squeeze lemon on top before biting it. Yummy, yum, yum.




1 French baguette bread

1 huge lemon

12 pieces shrimp

Boursin garlic and fine herbs or Swiss Laughing Cow soft cheese or Philadelphia cream cheese

2 cucumbers

ground black pepper

Himalayan pink salt

environmentally friendly bamboo skewers

bread knife and sharp paring knife



1. Soak the peeled and deveined shrimp in water and sprinkle of salt in few minutes, rinse, wash and drain in a colander until water dries up, paper towel dry and  set aside.

2.Wash and brush the cucumber, peel off the skin lengthwise in a few places, leaving portions of cucumbers unpeeled (for a nice aesthetic design)

3. With a bread knife, slice baguette diagonally  1/2-1 inch to make 12 pieces.

4. Now slice the cucumbers diagonally.

5. Assembly: Spread a thin layer of soft cheese on top of sliced baguette, then attach sliced cucumber and spread a layer of cheese. Then place 1 piece of dried shrimp, sprinkle with ground black pepper, and while the whole assembly is laid on a flat surface, spear with a bamboo skewer. Do the rest until you finish 12 pieces of this delicious appetizer.

6. Serve on a plain white platter with the sliced lemon on the sides, along with dill or cilantro to garnish. Squeeze lemon on top before biting it for added oomph taste!


Here is Peaches’ inexpensive yet elegant appetizer that will surely wow your guests this coming holiday, Masarap!!!

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