Purple Yam Dessert (Maja de Ube)



This is the very popular Maja Blanca from the Philippines but since it is made with purple yam it is called Maja de Ube, got this recipe from Chef Boy Logro of Kusina Master. I adjusted the measurements according to my own preference so here are the ingredients below.


You can find most of the ingredients at Asian stores. Let’s amaze our guests by going purple today.



3 cups coconut cream (put 3 cans of coconut milk in can in the freezer and let the cream separate from the water)

1 cup regular fresh milk

1 can of evaporated milk

1 cup water

1 1/4 cup white sugar

4 cups ube pulp or 2 packages of 16 oz. grated purple yam, thawed, and drained of liquid

2-5 pieces fragrant screw pine leaves, “pandan” (optional)

1/2 Tbsp. salt

1/4 cup butter

3/4 cup cornstarch



1. In a non-stick Caphalon pan, mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Make sure mixture is free of lumps. Cook in medium heat.

2. Turn to low when mixture starts to boil. Stir continuously to prevent from scorching. When mixture becomes too hard to stir and the mixture starts to glisten, mixture is fully cooked.

3. Immediately spray all the bakewares with non-stick spray and remove the leaves while stirring and turn off the stove, ladle the very sticky mixture into the butter sprayed bakeware or small ramekins and tap the bakeware to evenly distribute them into each container. Apply a small amount of butter on top of the mixture to evenly level the top flat.


Let it set and cool down and cut into different cubes you like. Some people toast coconut until it is reduced to a soft caramelized garnish and a lot of people put it on top of each cube. Rub the knife with coconut oil or butter to have a perfect cut.

Okay folks, I hurriedly went outside while it was very cold and got some lavender sprigs from my tiny garden. Oh how I wish that you could smell the fragrant banana leaves, screw pine leaves , coconut oil, and fresh lavender.

From Peaches, another Sarap dessert!!



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