Black Mango Tea



I found a special kind of tea like no other; brew 2 teaspoons of Black Mango Tea leaf in 8 oz. of pure spring water or filtered water at 185º F for 4 minutes then strain and sip. Ahhhh! Heavenly!

This is pure bliss after slaving in the kitchen! Sweet taste with satiny smoothness. This is a full bodied brew with little to no astringency. The ingredients are black tea leaves, Calendula petals, and natural mango essence.

The brew is called Tao of  Tea from Portland, Oregon. Check out their website at

Here are the different strainers I experimented with, in successfully straining tea leaves.



In my personal opinion, the loose leaf tea infuser on the right is the best for me, as the very fine mesh really gets the job done stress free, and there’s no need to strain the second time around and it fits into any kind of jug, mug, or cup. My eldest son bought it for me from Teavana a year ago.


Here’s a quick look at tea collection. I’m just crazy about tea and I don’t really drink coffee. I think that you may need a cup of some nice tea these days, most especially during the coming Thanksgiving Day.

Have a good one and take care!

– Peaches, Sarap!!!

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