Cheese-Stuffed Dates and Chestnuts


For those who are thinking of an appetizer to prepare this Thanksgiving day, this one is a regular in our household. One holiday I couldn’t figure out an appetizer to make in a short amount of time, so I gathered the roasted chestnuts and placed them in the middle of the plate and added these cheese-stuffed dates all around it and voila! It’s really quick to make!



Pimiento Cheese bar

1 package of dates

1 box of roasted chestnuts



1. Place generous amount of chestnuts in the middle of the serving tray you wanted to use.

2. Slice a couple of dates in the middle, remove the pit, then cut a thick slice of pimiento cheese and stuff inside the date.

3. Continue working on it until you’ve completed a full circle of dates all around the chestnuts. Cover with Saran wrap then place on the dining table until ready to serve.

Here’s how it looks with Saran wrap cover on it. And I used a variety of cheeses here, but no chestnuts. I personally like the addition of chestnuts in the middle. Don’t you think so? But quick! Get these ingredients for a stress-free appetizer for the big day.


Thanksgiving is fast approaching, many of us are scrambling to plan meals around the turkey bird, roast chicken, or filet mignon and some are figuring out which lunch or dinner they are attending. And oh by the way always bring a bottle of red or white for the hostess and a bunch of fresh flowers. And don’t bring a dish that might sabotage her repertoire, unless she personally asks you to bring a specific dish to complete her menu planning.

A very good and Happy Thanksgiving is around the corner! I will definitely let go of my century old Roast Turkey with 7-Grain Bread Stuffing and am opting for Gordon Ramsey’s Roast Turkey with Gravy. I want to give quick shout out to all my Jamaican friends who are waiting for my Jamaican Rum Cake/Pudding again.

– Peaches, Masarap!!!


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  1. Thank you so much koolkosherkitchen, your very positive comment make me discover and create more food recipes that we can make for our family and friends. Your comment is so very important to me.Happy Food Blogging!


  2. I love your blog and your delicious recipes! I am glad I found you!

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    1. I appreciate you stumbling across my blog.

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    2. You are so kind, you make my heart swell with joy.Thank you so very much koolkosherkitchen.

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      1. My pleasure! Have a great day,


  3. Thx bsickles, Pompette, Andrea Giang and humanity 777 for liking Cheese-Stuffed Dates and Chestnuts.


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