Hickory Smoked Spiral Ham


If you guys are suddenly faced with the dilemma of unexpected additional guests this Thanksgiving and you need additional food with less preparation, worry not: just grab one of these beauties from Costco or any supermarket.



Here’s how it looks, front and back. You can’t go wrong because the preparation is at the back of the wrapper with the ham glaze mix (brown sugar, spices, sugar, and honey powder). This is fully cooked and already pre-sliced.



1.Pre-heat the oven and remove all packaging materials. Remove the small round plastic at the bottom of the ham.

2. Place ham in shallow roasting pan, position the ham with flat/face-side down. Cover tightly with aluminium foil.

3. Bake at 275ºF 12-15 minutes per pound until heated through. My ham weighs 11.54, close to 12 pounds so I will bake it close to 3 hours or for 2 and 1/2 hours.

4. Remove ham out of the oven after 3 hours or less then prepare the glaze. Increase oven temperature to 425ºF. You can substitute orange juice,pineapple juice or cranberry juice, apple cider or Angry Orchard Hard Cider for water.

5. Blend ham glaze contents with 3 or more tablespoons of hard cider or Apple cider in a small saucepan, stirring until it boils, then turn off the stove and glaze the ham. Brush or spoon the glaze over the ham, as well as in between each slice.

6. Bake uncovered at 425ºF for 8-1o minutes. Remove ham out of the oven and let it stand on the kitchen table for 3-4 hours so the flavor will blend well.

A great combo with the ham is French baguette or dinner roll and gourmet cheeses. Some ice cold cream soda is my personal drink to go with it all.

Let’s all try to have a stress free Thanksgiving Day this Thursday. Cheers everybody! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

– Peaches, Masarap!!!

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