Two Ingredient Chicken

Hey guys, Rich here. My mom’s out of commission for a while due to illness, so I’ll be taking over for a bit haha.

I wanted to get into cooking some chicken breasts, due to a necessity for more protein in my diet for some fat loss. My mom suggested using this Costco Kirkland no-salt seasoning she bought a while ago but never got around to using. Turns out our little experiment yielded some decent results, and the chicken is tasty. I personally really love this chicken, though I feel the average person may want more flavor. However, this recipe is really more on the healthier side of the dieting spectrum in my opinion. So DISCLAIMER: you may want more flavor with this chicken (my dad wanted more flavor).



– Organic Chicken Breasts

– Kirkland Signature Organic No-Salt Seasoning

– Avocado oil

…and that’s it. You literally only need chicken and two other ingredients…well you also need a stove and a pan and stuff but that doesn’t really count, but you get my point. Isn’t that awesome?


1. Wash and drain out your chicken breasts, then slice into strips.

2. With the chicken strips laid out on a plate, get your no-salt seasoning, and coat the strips. Make sure to really get the seasoning in on both sides.

3. Heat up a pan and coat it with some avocado oil.

4. Place the chicken strips into the pan, cooking each side of the breasts for roughly three to five minutes. Rinse and repeat until you’re done with all of your chicken.


There you guys, some quick and easy protein for all of your dietary needs. And it took like what, less than half an hour? Whaaat? That’s crazy! You’ll save so much time with this, though you’ll also save a lot of flavor due to how barebones this recipe is. But…I personally think you get so much out of how little you put into this creation. So yeah, hope you like it.







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  1. Looks yummy, I love chicken, I think everyone does. Thanks for sharing Rich I hope your mom feels better soon.

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    1. Hey sorry for this late reply, totally neglected my duty to respond! But thanks a lot shelly, thanks for reading and my mom is getting much better.

      Liked by 1 person

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