Corned Beef Brisket



I was always curious how my prayer group member-sister Mila cooked a very delicious corned beef brisket with tasty and half-cooked vegetables on the side. I asked her and even wrote the recipe on a piece of paper and tried cooking it the last holiday season but I ended up baking it; I’m still thinking about her special and simple way of cooking it so this time, we went to Costco and bought Mosey’s Brisket. This time I followed the instructions to a T. As you can see I sliced half only and for me it tasted really salty, so I boiled the unsliced half and revised Ate Mila’s recipe.  The ingredients are pictured below.




a bag of 7.85 lbs. Mosey’s Corned Beef Brisket (you should trim off the excess fat)

a bag of brussel sprouts

A bundle of king sweet bokchoy

10 cups filtered water ( for the 1st boil)

10 cups filtered water ( for the 2nd boil)

few pieces of potatoes

spice packet (included inside the brisket)


1. Remove the Brisket from its plastic bag and separate the spice packet like this…


Kindly compare the size of the spice packet last year with the size of the latest spice packet! A huge reduction in amount! Anyway, let’s continue.

2. Wash the beef brisket, rinse, and drain on a colander.


3. Pour 10 cups of water in a wide and deep pot and submerge the beef brisket and turn the stove on high until it boils, turn the heat down to a 10 minute simmer.

4. Scoop the beef brisket and drain on a colander, discard the 1st boiled water, pour another fresh 10 cups of water into the same pot and empty the spice packet into the pot and submerge the beef brisket. You may simmer it for 3-4 hours or pressure cook for one and a half hours.



5. Open the pot and check the meat for doneness by pricking a fork into the meat. In the last 30 minutes, place the peeled potatoes, add the brussel sprouts in the last 20 minutes, and finally add the sweet king bokchoy in the last 10 minutes of simmering.


6. Scoop 1st the sweet king bokchoy very gently and drain on a colander and the rest of the vegetables, the brisket last.


7. Lay down the brisket on a chopping board and once it cools down, slice thinly and place on a huge serving plate and decorate the vegetables around it. You may cut the potatoes in half and slice the sweet king bokchoy. Don’t discard the 2nd boiled water, you may boil cabbage into this flavored water as all the vegetables finished  1st than the brisket.


Yummy and less salty, a very simple way of cooking  corned beef brisket.

-Peaches, Masarap!

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