SpamEgg, Quinoa, and Brown Rice


My family loves Spam so let’s create! SpamEgg, Quinoa, and Brown Rice with garlic:


Using this healthy kind of rice and water as an only additive, I decided to use my magic biscuit cutter to hold the rice together. So let’s roll….



1 can of Spam Less Sodium (still too salty for my taste)

2-4 Organic eggs

1 packet of Seeds of Change Certified Organic Quinoa and Brown Rice with garlic

a good flat silicone spatula

non-stick Caphalon pan



1. Remove the Spam from the can then cut them into thick slices, cover with enough water to boil in a pot and drain in a colander like this…..


2. Cut inside the Spam slices to make a hole to break the fresh egg into later. Cut into small cubes the spam pieces.


3. Fry the hollowed Spam on a non-stick pan on a very low fire until the oil gets squeezed from the Spam and no need to pour any oil into the pan. Flip and fry the other half. Turn the fire very low.


4. Arrange the hollowed Spam away from each other, now break one egg into each hole very carefully and the egg whites will scatter outside of the Spam, not to worry, very carefully flip the other side with a wide, flat silicone spatula.


5. When done, place all of them on a plate, cutting the excess fried egg whites with a kitchen shear.


6. On the same pan, pour the contents of the Quinoa Brown rice packet, add 2 tablespoons of water and stir for about a few minutes then add in the Spam cubes and cut the fried egg whites while adding to the pan. Mix very well and turn off the stove and let the hot rice mixture cool down.



7. Arrange the SpamEgg in a marbled server and lay each SpamEgg apart from each other and start placing the biscuit cutter on each space and pour the rice mixture pressing with a long handled spoon, gently ease down the compacted rice mixture and garnish with whatever fits your fancy to wow your guests.


So here it is, your SpamEgg with Quinoa and Brown rice with garlic!


As always, Enjoy, Masarap, Peaches!

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