Pizzazz on My Own Pizza!



I previously posted Impromtu Pizza but did not walk you through a lot of things. Everybody loves pizza that originated from Naples, Campania, Italy. The beauty of creating your own pizza toppings is just amazing, you can make it vegetarian or with Salami or chicken for meat lovers. As you can see, I already have in my house the most important Molinaro’s Stoned Baked Organic Pizza crust with tomato sauce packets only I didn’t get around to baking them until now.


Each bag consists of 4 round stoned baked soft pizza crusts so we are using only 2 crusts. Ingredients are those I found in my cupboard and my refrigerator. You just need to be creative to try but this will be superb if I have a can of pineapple slices and green bell peppers for color but I will just use whatever I have for the sake of this posting. My youngest son loves this anyway!



Molinario’s Stoned Baked Organic Pizza Crust with tomato sauce (got mine from Costco)

Shiitake mushrooms or any kind (sliced)

few pieces of black olives (drained/cut in thin round circles)

colored sweet peppers (sliced)

one red onion ( sliced in rounds)

few pieces of Salame ( cut in halves)

Kirkland Mexican style shredded cheese blend

aged Italian Fennel and Pepper Salame, few pieces ( chopped)

few pieces of roasted peppers in a jar (drained and cut into small pieces)

2 wide pieces of aluminium foil (will be used as a improvised pizza pan)



1. Brush the pizza with olive oil with a cookie brush then use only 1 packet of tomato sauce to cover the 2 oiled pizza covered crusts with a long handled spoon on the second picture.


temporary2. Sprinkle cheese all over then add all the ingredients, making sure that the ingredients cover all of the cheese covered spaces.

4. Gather up the foil and fold in half on all sides then gather the corner and make an improvised round pan. Place pizza directly on the middle rack and bake at pre-heated oven at 450ºF only for 7 minutes. If you make it longer, the thin crust will be hard and edges might burn. Rest for 2 minutes before cutting.



So here it is, Enjoy! This is how to add pizzazz on your own pizza!

-Peaches, Masarap!

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