Fanta Orange Shrimp


“Halabos na Hipon” is a very popular and simple way of cooking shrimp in the Philippines with very little water with rock salt and peppercorns in a covered clay pot on a very low simmer until the shrimp change color into a reddish cooked state. Over the years, people have come up with various, sophiscated methods of cooking like the scampi and Cameron Rebosado, to name a few, and I am surprising you with my own, this time by using orange Fanta soda, white wine, garlic and capers.  Let us gather our ingredients and start this procedure…



1 pound medium shrimp

a round slice each of an orange, lime and lemon

1 Tbsp. avocado oil

1 Tbsp. butter

1/2 head of garlic and the other half minced

1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

1 Tbsp. drained capers

1/4 cup white wine

1 bottle 12 fl oz Fanta orange soda


1. Wash and trim the shrimp but keep the peels and heads on, soak them in cool water with salt for few minutes. Rinse and drain on a colander.

2. Heat the pan on low fire and pour a tablespoon of avocado oil and add a tablespoon of butter and when hot, sauté the minced garlic and add the half bulb of garlic until lightly browned, then add the crushed pepper.

3. When they are fragrant, add the shrimp, stir and turn all the shrimp until lightly reddish, pour the Fanta orange soda, cover, boil until it simmers, then turn the fire on low for 5 minutes.

4. Open the cover and add the wine and the capers, stir and continue simmering for 2 minutes and add the slices of orange, lemon, and lime on low simmer until the shrimp turn into an orange color. Remove the pan from the heat and gather the shrimps and the fruit slices in a serving bowl and pour the strong flavored broth. Garnish with fresh basil tops.

As always, Masarap! Peaches.

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