Chia Seeds & Almond Milk


So pumped up to stay healthy after we experienced the hardships of hubby having the open heart surgery, , I realized the challenge of keeping our arteries unclogged and, I made a plant based breakfast and also good as a dessert. The instruction is simple and you can prepare easily. Let’s gather up our ingredients now.


2 cups Almond milk

3/4 cup Chia seeds

2 tsp. vanilla extract

few pieces Dates (finely chopped) or coconut sugar, amount according to your taste)

a handful of Coconut chips


Soak the Chia seeds in Almond milk & vanilla extract  in a tall mason jar overnight and the following morning, divide in a smaller mason jars and add more almond milk if it hardens, add some chopped dates or add coconut sugar according to your taste and top each jar with Coconut chips or grated coconut meat.

Enjoy during breakfast or as a dessert, Couldn’t believe healthy can be this good!

As always, Masarap!








2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks everyone for liking this recipe


  2. Thanks so much amto7 and the amazing Andrea Giang Cooking with a wallflower, i am just so glad to be back after hubby had an open heart surgery!


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