Steamed Banana Leaves Wrapped Promfet


Steaming is one of the many healthy ways of cooking and despite most people’s assumption  that fish will taste bland and flavorless it is far from the truth and that proper seasonings and flavorings before steaming will enhance its natural flavor, moisture and shape even you overcook it. So let’s gather up our ingredients below.


2 pieces of fresh Fromfet (ask the fishmonger not to cut just clean)

4 inch ginger (pounded/sliced into rounds)

4 huge garlic cloves (smashed)

4 pieces of 4 inch lemon grass (pounded, the extra, place in the steaming pan)

several sprigs of scallions


sesame oil

few squares of banana leaves (get it from most Asian or Chinese supermarkets)


1.Wash and drain the fish very well and paper towel dry, rub with salt and pepper generously, inside out and insert slices of round ginger inside of each fish.

2. Add a small amount of sesame oil on the banana leaves and add slices of ginger, lemon grass, scallions then place the fish on top. Add the same ingredients on  top of the fish just like in the picture above and don’t forget to add a drizzle of sesame oil again.


3. Prepare the steaming pan and put a ramekin inside, place the remaining extra flavorings and pour water just like in the picture above. Wrap the fish with banana leaves and aluminium foil and seal them.


4. Layer the wrapped fish on top of the ramekin then cover and turn the stove on high and once you see the cover inside is  already like this picture below, lower the heat just a little bit and steam for 15-20 minutes.


5. Turn off the stove when done and let is sit for a few minutes before removing the cover, be very careful as it is very hot. Lay the steamed wrapped fish on a plate and open it and remove all the mushed ingredients on top very carefully and serve just like in the picture below.


Wow! Some portion of the fish even got the pale greenish tinge from the banana leaves.

Enjoy this usual Masarap Fish Dish!




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  4. Thank you all to the FF:becomebetty, CookingWwithoutLimits and Soreiya for liking this Steamed Banana leaves Wrapped Promfet.


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