Thanksgiving Backyard Party for Jesse


Our dear friend, Sister Lilian threw a backyard party at her place and celebrating Jesse’s Thanksgiving Party after a successful open heart surgery. Attended by our closest friends from 2000 Hail  Mary’s and registered nurses from Mt.Sinai Heart Manhattan and nurses from Woodhull Hospital. Kind of Christmas on September ( Christmassy tablecloth this September! hahaha!) A  very informal one indeed! I brought the Spicy Chili Crabs, Lilian  and Ate Belen prepared Barbecued Chicken and Spareribs, Grilled Bamboo Leaves/Foil Wrapped Pompano Fishes, Vermicelli Noodles prepared by Darelle, Cucumber Salad and Tomato/Mango Salad,  ‘ Ginataang Saging, Camote and Gabi ‘  a dessert of banana, sweet potatoes and taro boiled with coconut milk and sugar,  prepared by Jopay, Mangoes and ‘Bagoong’ , (Sauteed Shrimp Paste) and sweet grapes and more fruits by Banengneng and friends. Fr.Ted and Fr.James came to bless the occasion. It was a very nice  goodbye to summer and a warn welcome to September month. We are forever grateful to God and Mama Mary first and then to all the people who continue praying for him. SJDC Class ’80, Dr. Rowena Sonza, Jesse’s friends from Australia, The Tayumanerz, Eve and Tito Bert and friends from all over the world, guys you are not here but we’re thanking you all from the bottom of our hearts.

We are also praying for the safety of our countrymen and women and children in Florida, prayers already reduced Hurricane Irma from category 4 to 2. So, lets continue praying. Thanks everyone for just reading this post.



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  1. Thx, Wish to dish for liking this post. How are you?


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