A Very Happy & Very Prosperous New Year To You All!!!


Hit by the flu bug and decided to work, 2 sets of 12 hours in between that period. Not a good idea! I have few hours to completely shrug off this bug, completed my Z-pak yesterday and still taking Mucinex and coming back to work on the 5th of this month so I have several days and nights to rest. I just wanted to greet everybody….you guys are not forgotten. Thank you so much for paying attention to my humble blog. Seeing your likes make me so excited even I was left with my old postings dear to my heart, will start posting more soon.

As always, this presentation will make your discerning taste buds crave for more.

Masarap! (Delicious!)



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  2. Heather says:

    Get well soon 😊 🍽 💞


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