I want to thank everybody who visited and liked my food blog and I was totally clueless at first, don’t know what to do about it and I got no idea that it is so addicting most especially if you are passionate with something you love doing, like cooking for me. You can call me Peaches, that’s how my dearly beloved uncle from Barbados and his family called me.

I’m a full time registered nurse (RN), not a born cook, grew up with hired help, driver and nanny back home, entirely different to my present lifestyle here in America. But I remember tearing recipe pages from magazines and newspapers following the instructions to a T. I grew up to be a crafty woman who loves home decor, sending baked goods during the holidays, and  preparing elaborate Thanksgiving dinners. My home is full of books and my garden is my oasis of peace and quiet.

I worked as an RN in the Middle East (namely Al Baha and Riyadh), traveled to Canada, Barbados, Jordan, and the Holy Land of Israel. I dreamt about and planned on going on another pilgrimage through Italy, France, Padua, Venice, Portugal, and Paris, but my vacation was unfortunately denied. I was heartbroken, but instead of wallowing in despair, my sons cheered me up and insisted that I follow my passion for food. Let’s go hand in hand with positivity and warm, loving hearts.