Reminiscing 2016 & Positively Riding the Year 2017


image.pngSo many of you to thank from the bottom of my heart, concentrated on getting well from the Christmas weeks of 2016. I apologize for not messaging each and everyone of you as I lead a very busy RN life ( we cannot use cellphone while working unless we’re  on break ) so this is my way of thanking and acknowledging each one of you in one page, hoping that you all won’t mind.

By the way, I am now settling in my new unit, I am happier and I am just so thankful and grateful for everyone and everything I have, so very grateful to the persons who made it possible. I am more forgiving and more generous with people I meet and I tried my best to continue taking  care of my patients to the best of my ability. Also trying to get passed through all my disappointments, frustrations and anger towards people who made my life miserable the past year. I continue to pray for them and trying to forgive them. Trying not to be sensitive to people who think that they are perfect, nobody can be perfect, only God is perfect!

This food blog makes me de-stress and makes me happier, doing what I love to do best,not a forced chore but my undying passion. Baring myself and all, I really appreciate all of you liking, commenting and acknowledging my effort. My sons gave me a new camera as their Christmas gift but I still haven’t got the time to experiment on it. Let’s see the difference when I start using it. I am very comfortable with my iPad and its super-easy touch keyboard for now. Let’s see what happens this coming year. I am already visualizing the coming summertime and the month of June for us to sponsor the 2000 Hail Mary prayer in our humble garden, more new members coming from different states mentioning this, all of the people I gave the sacramentals to, were very happy receiving them (remember the braided yarn bracelets I made for my friends for their Europe pilgrimage?).I wish I could go there too and visit Venice and the Eiffel Tower, Our lady of France, Our lady of Fatima in Lisbon Portugal, Padua and more! By the way, let me stop right there and start my thank you list……

THANK YOU’s to the FF: Andrea Giang | Cooking with a Wallflower, Elliebleu, wishtodish, and ellisnelson for liking the Swedish Veggie Balls with Avocado, Sweet Pickled Ginger and Wasabi sauce.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: Shellysopinion for liking the Crunchy Banana Cake Slices.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: kirilson for liking the Open Face  Corned Beef Omelette.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: Andrea Giang | Cooking with a Wallflower and buying seafood for liking the Salmon Scrap Cakes.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: itsabakerslife, umilailasjourney, CookingWithoutLimits, Trina and Tina, thestaticfoodbin, Tammy Twinkle, Andrea Giang (Cooking with a Wallflower) and to Angie | Fiesta Day.Thank  you’s to the  Pretty Nandini (Goan Imports) and to my dear Constance@LiveEatCreate. Hi, there you two! Thank you all for liking Chocolatey, Orangey Banana Cake Squares.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: itsgoingtotakeayear, Trina and Tina, Cookingwithoutlimits and Andrea Giang |Cooking with a Wallflower for liking the Not So Sweet Banana Mini Cakes.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: Blair (The Shameful Sheep), shellysopinion, Andrea Giang (Cooking with a Wallflower), foodbymama, Ali’s itsy bitsy bites, wishtodish and last but no mean least, Chef Gustavo Pasquini for liking the Swedish Meatballs in Spaghetti Nests.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: AverageSouthAfrican, Rachel, naammkyarakhahai, Sumith with his Keralas Creative Kitchen,  umilailasjourney and RoxyMoto for liking the Vegetable Frittata.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: cookingwithoutlimits, stargazer (space lover and writer), Elle, and shellysopinion for liking Rich’s Two-Ingredient Chicken.

THANK YOU to shellysopinion for liking the Crunchy Banana Cake Slices.

THJANK YOU to Thattgirl,DimitriousFan and shellysopinion for liking my Happiest, Peaceful, and Bountiful New Year Greetings to Everyone.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: humanity 777, cookingwithoutlimits, becomebetty, Pompette, shellysopinion and forever for liking the Red Curried Seafood Asparagus.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: Cookingwithoutlimits, BeaFreitas, elliebleu and the homemakerslife for liking the Non-Saucy Shrimp and Turkey Whole Grain Spaghetti.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: cookingwithoutlimits, icecreammagazine, havau 22, becomebetty, my dear Constance@LiveEatCreate, cooking flip, and shellysopinion for liking the Soured Pompano.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: icecreammagazine, Charisma, Trina and Tina, Blogtastic Food, Pompette for liking the No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: cookingwithoutlimits and DimitriousFan for liking the Homemade Blueberry Jelly Jam.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: Traveller DAVE and letembracechaos for liking the Impromptu Organic Pizza.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: cookingwithoutlimits, Sumith, Andrea Giang, Briconann ( By the way, you look like Rihanna ), shellysopinion, RoxyMoto and dineANDrhyme for liking the Quick and Easy Beef Soup Stew

THANK You to all my FB friends, classmates, town mates and acquaintances.who visit my food blog via Facebook. Thank you WordPress and Facebook.

THANK YOU’s to the FF: buyingseafood, my dear Constance@LiveEatCreate, smartvegrecipe, said-simply, aho, leahwskitchen, humanity 777,Edge of Humanity Magazine, koolkosherkitchen, beautybeyondbones, trzesniewkinator, Faithrises, fravitch, kirilson, lifelessonswithlucy, pat@alldayieat, Hsiaoping, sellcollective, myriad, heyhunnyy, Spankonit, mypassengerdiaries, naammekyarakhahai, NuStrength, kmwhitaker, wordsofhayden, 18megapixel, ifatimafaye, BlookUp and cookiesnchem.

So all of you are not forgotten but appreciated, making me more enthusiastic to work on my food blog: devising, revising, creating, and improving recipes for all of us to enjoy cooking and eating. All of the recipes I’ve prepared are served to my family, co-workers and friends, then I let them be the judge to give me feedback on which ones they like better, the best and which ones are their favorites. I am very excited whenever I win your likes. I love it coming in when I check them after work! Keep it coming, okay! Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…!!!

-Peaches, Masarap!


Just Loving It


How’s everybody doing? I can’t believed how passionate I’m becoming each day, giddy, very excited, and my ideas kept flowing as I start to follow more enchanting and admirable people such as yourselves. You guys are giving me more ideas and style, of course I can’t produce the DSLR’s photographed pictures yet, but I’m studying, looking around, and finding out how pricey they are. But don’t worry, I’m working on it. All of your pictures are jumping off the pages of your blog sites, so enchanting and the vibrant play of colors, just  love darlydarly, a fashionable star indeed!

The adorable sweet sisters – Trina and Tina, my dear Constance who follows most of the multicultural foods I made. I’m flooded with a lot of requests from friends and co-workers with whom I shared most of the products of my home cooking. I collected a lot of pictures before but most of them aren’t as exciting as yours so I cook them again, taste them, and adjust the ingredients according to my personal experience and try hard to make the presentation as exciting as yours and the procedure more user friendly for all of us who are hurrying all the time.

I’m more relaxed nowadays because I am doing something that I am so passionate about. From the bottom of my heart, you guys are incredible people who make my food blogging as exciting as it can be. As I incorporate some produce from my humble and tiny garden, I develop confidence in myself and start to understand the play of colors in my presentation. When I look back at my old food and garden pictures, there’s a feeling I get that I could have done better: I didn’t do justice capturing the beauty of my food and garden.. I just have to work harder so my food and garden presentations are ready next summer for more dramatic photo opportunities.

I’d like to thank numerous  bloggers like Francis and Anna, Facebook friends who created an account just to follow my blog.

Thank yous to the pretty Nandini, Blair the Shameful Sheep and would like to thank and nominate the following bloggers: 1. my dear Constance@LiveEatCreate, 2. eatliveescape, 3. pretty Nandini Goan Imports, 4. the very positive Andrea Giang, 5. cooking with the wallflower, 6. Blair, the shameful sheep, 7. Ivan Jose, Francis, and Anna, 8. storytelling cook, 9. Cooking without limits, 10. Bunny Eats Design, 11. Dana@I’veGotCake, 12.  darlydarly, 13. Stargazer, 14. Benjamine, 15. thestaticfoodbin, 16. Inte fan for det det, 17. tastetableinsatiable, 18. storytellingcook, 19. CookingWithoutLimits, 20. my passengerdiaries,  Sorry! I could only name 20… Sincerly yours, Peaches, Masarap!!!


Food Blogging?… The dizzying ride of a lifetime!


Hey all! How’s everybody doing? just letting you know that I am a frustrated writer and dreamt of becoming a chef like Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Williams-Sonoma, Julia Child and Ina Garten to mention a few. I am so amazed at how chefs create recipes that became a legendary signature of their culinary expertise. I take care of people for a living in a huge city hospital and their Isn’t time on my plate to attend culinary school but a lot of people told me teasingly that I am not a Registered Nurse but a party planner, a cook, a chef or a foodie. Food Blogging is kind of a release of my pent- up passion for this craft inside my bones.

I want to thank you all for liking, viewing the fruits of my labor. I am thanking all of you for taking your precious time to peek, view, read and share and follow my blog. Thank you’s to: my dear Constance@LiveEatCreate, charisma, the pretty Nandini Goan Imports, Stargazer, Andrea Giang Cooking with a Wallflower, thestaticfoodbin, Donna Chlimon, Siddharta, all of you, Trina and Tina, icecreammagazine, francis  and ana, belikewater production, eatliveescape, storytelling cook, the charming Hanako, Ana Banana, Shiaoping the royalty, alac, Jackay Jackay, thehomemakerslife, Imperium Woodcraft, robert okaji, Aniket Sharma, CookingWithoutLimits, Summer Jade Blog, Odedi’s Wine Reviews, Mukluk Manka, Adelina, Alk3r, beautybeyondbones, Where the foodies go, lifelessonswithlucy, mypassengerdiaries, Icecream magazine, The Vibe 101, Bunny Eats Design, Blair ( the Shameful Sheep ), Tamy Twinkle, Dana@I’veGotCake, Ivan Jose, inter fan for det det, Kathleen, tutistales, Arche777blog, lilianlozada, aho, Amma B. , Natasha’s Space, tastableinsatiable, Benjamine, True North Nomad, Shubhamsingh 92, homemade mess, Stacey, Anonymous Editor, darlydarly ( the fashionable young diva), Ishita, inside Kel’s kitchen, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Rachel, bsikles, erroneousmonk, Annalyn, the globetrotting UK fashionista, Mio’s Hot Food, mukul chand, ellisnelson, Hazel C.M. Galdo, Chef Gustavo Pasquini, The Little Mermaid, Julie Rybitskiy (hot Mama), The Meditarranean Microwave, all of my Facebook friends, Alain Jay Neri (the Great), all of my friends, co-workers, family, friends, acquaintances, Matt ( the charming chief of surgery), Clien ( my tech support), my youngest son, my husband and eldest son for their support, and Facebook.  I am humbled…..thank you so much for making Food Blogging, the dizzying ride of my lifetime.

Peaches, Masarap!!! ( Delicious )