Sprouting Mung Beans


Hello there! Just found out that too many Calcium inside our body is bad and can contribute to more clogging of our arteries, we need Vitamin K rich plant and one of those are these micro greens like mung beans, alfalfa sprouts, beet sprouts and lentil sprouts. The only downside is the possibility of Salmonella poisoning thus sprouting your own seeds in the luxury of your kitchen table is a win-win situation and you can choose to sprout organic seeds also. The process will take only 4 days and you need to soak them in water twice a day for 5 minutes and drain them.


3/4 cup dry mung or mongo beans

empty 1.5 L Coke plastic bottle (washed well)

2 cups hot water

3 cups cold water

few Mason jars

cheesecloth or paper towel

rubber bands


black plastic bag


1. Assemble all the materials you will need and make holes on the bottom and around the plastic bottle. Soak the beans in water and remove dead, flat beans and impurities and drain.


2. Get a huge bowl and place the beans, add 3 cups cold water and 2 cups hot water into the beans and soak for 1 hour then drain and put 1/2 of it into the small opening of the bottle with a funnel, put the lid back and keep the bottle horizontally while storing it  at all times.


3. The rest of the beans, you put into 2 Mason jars, seal the opening with a cheesecloth with rubber bands, place them on top of your kitchen table.

4. Enclose the Coke bottle with the beans in a black plastic bag and keep it horizontal, place in a dark place which no one will disturb.



5. Soak them twice daily for 5 minutes and drain well and put them back again where they belong since the first procedure.

6. Continue doing it for 4-5 days until they are ready for harvesting, see the pictures below on its gradual development.





7. Cut the plastic bottle in the middle with the scissor and soak in water and fish the green loose seed covers, drain and ready to be added to your food recipes and salads.

I only use 3/4 cups of the dried mung beans and yield so much. For my personal experience I prefer the mason jars procedure because it is simpler and the harvest are bright green colored.

As always, sharing with you all, helpful ways to have a safe, healthy food ingredients for our creative and flavorful  cooking.












Easy way of cracking Pistachio nuts

Aren’t you annoyed when you encounter these annoying closed pistachio nuts and you are ruining your fingernails trying to pry them open? I bought a very durable garlic crusher from Ikea. I also crush fresh ginger with it.


Just found out that I can use this garlic crusher to open these closed pistachio nuts by putting one or two nuts inside the garlic crusher and pressing once. The shells come right off without damaging the delicious nut inside.




Good to share with all of you so you can continue enjoy eating your pistachio nuts hassle free.

-Peaches, Masarap!

Hardworking Tasty Broth

imageI usually buy expensive beef and chicken broth, and always throw out my freshly cut vegetable scraps. I later on realized that I can save money by making my own broth: I’d have 8-10 cups of filtered water already boiling, then just throw in all the ends or trimmings from my vegetables. But don’t forget to throw in 3-6 pieces star anise, 4 bay leaves, carrot peels or few pieces of carrots, 1 quartered onion, even the sweet peppers, a couple of tomatoes and 1-2 teaspoons of peppercorns and few celery ribs, 2 pieces crushed garlic cloves and a thumb-sized crushed fresh ginger, fresh cilantro stems, and scallions.

Do you also want to tenderize your beef? Throw it in there, only you have to skim off the fat on top of the broth. Season with salt or a tablespoon of fish sauce. Simmer 1-2 hours then strain with a colander. Let it cool down. You can use it immediately or place into a plastic container and refrigerate it and skim the fat that solidifies on top, then freeze it for future use. You can also poach your chicken there too. The tricky technique is to drain all of the soggy vegetables after simmering them, before you throw in your beef or chicken or lamb, and before you boil or poach the chicken.


Drain the meat in a colander so your broth stays clear and free of annoying tidbits. You can throw in beef bones or chicken bones too. But you always have to drain the solids.

You can make it vegetarian by just adding only vegetables and using salt instead of fish sauce for flavor. You can do whatever you want according to your preference. As you can see, my cherry tomatoes were wilting here, so you can throw them into the boiling pot for your vegetarian broth, cut the ends of all of these vegetables and wash well to remove the dirt and drain in a colander.  You can try to just utilize the best of your vegetables, unless you know how to do organic farming in your backyard; I know a thing or two about organic farming in our backyard, back from when I was working per diem while my children were still small.


As always, we’re learning time saving kitchen techniques each day.

-Peaches, Masarap!

Kitchen Time Savers


I’ve been using some kitchen short cuts, but there’s one in particular I’d like to share with you all:

These are for red Thai chilis, rosemary, dill herbs and lemon and lime juices. With gloves, cut 4 pieces of the chilis in half lengthwise, scoop out all the seeds then chop with the sharp knife and place in each ice cube tray. Then pour either olive oil or avocado oil and voila! You have a ready made spicy flavoring for a recipe you are planning to make, stress free. If each cube is too spicy for you, cut the cube in half and return the other half in the compartment. Brilliant! You can do the rest on other herbs too.


See! I made 3 cubes of 4 piece red Thai chilis, 2 cubes of dill herbs, 2 lemon juice cubes, 4 lime juice cubes, and 2 rosemary herb cubes. You can make your own beef or chicken and vegetable boullion too. You can make them on your weekends off or on a stress-free day to make each of your cooking duties less hurried and more enjoyable. You can save a lot of time and money this way. Nowadays, every single cent matters. I remember my dearly departed uncle saying that you can’t make a million with a missing cent! He’s like Warren Buffet with his views on money.

Well, we started with chilis and ended with Warren Buffet! Till next time, friends

Here are the frozen cubes; I used avocado oil for them. They’re now ready to use!


Bye for now, warm regards to everyone! Peaches.